SEOmoz Raises $18 Million – SEO is Not Dead

SEOmoz Logo and Roger the Robot (a.k.a. "...

SEOmoz Logo and Roger the Robot (a.k.a. “Roger Mozbot”) (Photo credit: jcolman)

There has been a lot of talk recently that SEO is dead. I never bought into the idea. And as of yesterday I can point to 18M reasons why you can throw this theory out the window.

SEOmoz announced an $18 million dollar raise via Brad Feld and the Foundry Group and Ignition Partners.


One more time, $18,000,000.00.

Deep breath.

That’s a huge sum of money. A huge sum of money invested into an SEO company. Now, I have every believe that SEOmoz will undoubtedly expand their offering beyond SEO. Heck, Rand Fishkin said they would in his post raise blog post (snaps on the transparency). But, Brad Feld, at least initially, is investing in an SEO company.

One of the luxuries of working for a startup has been to learn about some of the key people/investors in the VC world. I have never met Brad, but I do read his blog and consider him a leader in the VC community. He has a wealth of knowledge that covers a variety of industries. He can invest anywhere he likes, in any vertical he thinks has potential. I am going to venture a guess that if Brad thought so highly of SEOmoz, to invest big in them, that he too believes that the best days of SEO are ahead of us.

This investment speaks volumes for SEOmoz as a company and a service. Its a huge win for Rand and his team and I am ecstatic for them. At a macro level, I think its worth noting, this is an even larger win for the entire SEO community.

So is SEO dead?


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